CLEW Download the Applicant Livescan Flyer
Download the Coroner Livescan Flyer

CDI Livescan Workstation

  • Real-time quick identification
  • Transactions using standard ANSI/NIST-ITL
  • Displays full response, text, SRT, XML and HTML
  • Supports various commercially available FBI IQS Appendix F Certified fingerprint capture devices, including Futronic, Cross Match, Integrated Biometrics, etc.
  • Intuitive user interface minimizes training, user errors and adoption
  • Hardware and Software certified by CA DOJ
The CLEW Livescan and response viewing workstation gives law enforcement officers the ability to quickly and accurately capture fingerprints to identify or verify subjects in custody. CDI designed CLEW to take advantage of the technical capabilities and versatility offered by state of the art fingerprint scanning and Microsoft .NET Framework. As a result, CDI is able to offer CLEW on a wide range of 64-bit Windows XP, Vista and 7 based platforms from tablets through server based systems. CLEW is a very lightweight application that can be deployed to virtually any Windows-based PC and can coexist with other Windows applications.