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CTMC (read more)
The CDI Consolidated Transaction Management Controller, running on top of the CDI Store and Forward, provides a complete workflow tracking and response management solution. This facilitates the tracking and auditing of live scan workflows, including field level changes, response management and submission to archival storage.
CLEW (read more)
The CLEW Livescan and response viewing workstation gives law enforcement officers the ability to quickly and accurately capture fingerprints to identify or verify subjects in custody.

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CDI Applicant Reservation System CDI Biometric Identification Service
CDI Biometric Software Development Kit CDI CLEW Applicant
CDI CLEW FINAL CDI Consolidated Transaction Management Controller
CDI Fingerprint on Disposition CDI Fingerprint Verification SDK
CDI Live Scan and Document Archive System CDI Live Scan Print Server
CDI Live Scan Store and Forward CDI Mobile FP Matching Software
CDI Mobile ID and Booking CDI Mobile QUID
CDI Positive Identification Server CDI Pre-Booking System
CDI Question of Identity Server CDI QUID