CDI World Wide

Under contract to Sequent Computers New Zealand Ltd., and UNISYS NZ Ltd. CDI is participating in the design and implementation of a new Driver's License Issuance system for the Land Transport and Safety Administration (LTSA) or New Zealand. This system is being modeled on the DL/ID/SP system that CDI is implementing here for the California Department of Motor Vehicles (see below). As in California, CDI is responsible for the design and implementation of the Driver's License Image Database in support of the issuance system. This system is based on a Sequent NUMA-Q Pentium processor based Unix SVr4 system. The design and development of the image database software will take place at CDI’s Sacramento Corporate headquarters, then a CDI team will travel to New Zealand to participate in the installation and acceptance of the production system in Auckland, New Zealand.

CDI is involved in the Feasibility Study on the Development of an Integrated Criminal Justice System (ICJS) in Hong Kong.  A government-commissioned Efficency Unit (EU) will lead a project team that includes CDI and its partner iASPEC Services Ltd. as external consultants to provide management services and technical advice.