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Computer Deductions Inc. (CDI) has over five decades of experience in analyzing, designing, developing, testing, integrating, supporting, and maintaining complex solutions for a myriad of public and private sector customers. CDI has a broad set of skills, practices, and resources to bring to our customers that we believe will have a strong positive benefit.

"Success in the industry is driven by access to the latest and most efficient technology and techniques, marketing expertise, consistent sources of work, the ability to vary services to suit different needs, effective quality control, and having a good reputation. CDI excels in each of these areas and is well positioned for continued future growth and success."

Shannon Grosser President - Computer Deductions Inc.

Why Our Clients Choose CDI

Our Company
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  • Over 50 Years of Experience
  • Certified California Small Business
  • Experience with Government and Enterprise Solutions
  • Experienced Staff With Diverse Skill Sets
  • All CDI Personnel Have Passed Security and Background Checks
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited With A+ Rating
What We Do
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  • Consulting
  • Private and Public Cloud Solutions
  • Custom Software Solutions
  • Integrate Disparate Computer Systems
  • Legacy Main Frame Solutions
  • Flexible Support Options from 5/8 to 24/7 Support
  • Biometric Systems
  • Mobile ID
  • Coroner & Applicant Livescan
  • Mobile Data Computer Engineering and Installation
Customer Outcomes
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  • Effective and Maintainable Software
  • Delivered On-Time With What’s Promised
  • Projects Kept Within Budget
  • Dependable Long Term Support
  • Reduced Cost
  • Complete Satisfaction with CDI Services

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